Step 1: open computer, stare at screen, stare at screen some more, stare at assigned task and scream in frustration, then calm down terrified dog

Step 2: make calming tea

Step 3: drink calming tea, stroke dog, ignore computer, the assigned tasks and anything associated with them

Step 4: think about task, stare at computer, stare into space, go to bed, sleep

Step 5: get up, be upset that task has not magically taken care of itself, do whatever

Step 6: decide to be productive, make tea

Step 7: go to room to prepare task, tidy room, answer messages, do washing, colour-coordinate pencils and post-its

Step 8: carefully lay out your notebook, laptop, pens, pencils, books, list-book, post-its and school folder on table,make sure placement of objects is exactly right

Step 9: open computer, find task assignments and read through them, read through them again to make sure your brain isn’t just fucking with you, then reread it one more time just to make absolutely sure

Step 10: write down task, make some bullet points, doodle on paper, stare at wall, dream of flying, realize there is a clock on the wall and that you spent too much time colour-coordinating the post-its

Step 11: move work stuff to room, ignore mess you’ve made, go to bed but don’t sleep

Step 12: get up, think about task, go back to bed

Step 13: get dragged out of bed, apologize for laziness, promise to be more productive but try not to think too hard about yesterday’s productivity

Step 14: ready work stuff, stare at computer tensely, try to breathe, remember how to breathe, relax shoulders a little and just take it one breath at a time

Step 15: relax a little more, focus less on breathing, type up one or two lines, frown at lines, retype them

Step 16: flick tiny paper balls through room, aim at whatever, sigh, look at screen, see what you have written, delete lines

Step 17: stare at screen, see nothing, dream of calamity

Step 18: twitch, giggle, shake a little, laugh, laugh uncontrollably and hysterically

Step 19: cry a little bit, finally stop laughing, stare at ceiling

Step 20: wash face, go for a run, come back

Step 21: ask for help:

How do you cure writer’s block?



Our teacher has asked us to summarize our writing and reading experience in one of our posts.
I don’t really know what to say.



Step 22: go out to enjoy the thunderstorm

  1. Fiona MacDougall says:

    Loved this! xx

  2. Aki says:

    Lori… tell me, could you overcome your writer’s block?

  3. Mr Zillikens says:

    As promised:
    Might give you a few ideas about what to read next…
    Mr Z

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