Initially, this was meant to be an art blog. A way for me to present my notions, experiences, excitement, general wonder and occasional disappointment at the world. Anybody wishing to indulge with me is most welcome.
However, after a discussion with my mother (the fabulous Sarsm who you can find here: https://sarsm.wordpress.com/ ) she convinced me not to post most of my original art works here. So now I opt to use it for a mix of different things. Feel free to browse to find out exactly what. 😉

Me Myself:

Personally, I consider myself to be an artist, an actor, a reader, a writer, an adventurer, a fighter as well as survivor, a part-time-philosopher and free-thinker.
I live with my marvelously insane and wonderful family (consisting of my three siblings, my dog and my parents) who, on occasion, can be equally as maddening as they are entertaining.


I can’t say that I’ve always been fond of either writing or reading, in fact being dyslexic and having hopped over a few country borders as a kid, I’ve actually struggled with both for almost all my life.

What I can say however is that I’ve always loved stories in every form conceivable and have an overactive imagination a keen creative mind.Now more than ever I feel inspired to capture and share these poignant moments be it by pen, brush or lens.

What does this blog have to do with tea/coffee/hot beverages in general?

Absolutely nothing.
Or everything really, seeing as the creator of this blog would be dead inside a week without either of them.
However, they cannot see themselves posting an enormous amount of material on this subject, in the near future.

Even if you are a hot beverage fanatic like myself, I hope you can still find some joy whilst perusing through my thoughts and ideas as you settle down to sip your upon your brew.



  1. sarsm says:

    Welcome!! I wish you much success!

  2. kiwidutch says:

    Here’s to many excellent blog posts! In Dutch we don’t wish people Good Luck, but rather “Success”… so here’s wishing you much Success!!!

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